Pote’s Notes Jan-Feb, 2016

Pote’s Notes (1/17/16 — 2/5/16)

i hope you can find this communication helpful as I relate to past events as well as upcoming ones.

– Thank you all who attended the installation. Many thanks to the office staff for all the work that

went into getting ready for the installation. it was well attended and, it will forever remain in

my memory bankl

— The seminar was held on the 23”‘ oflanuary and was attended by several of the nobility

whether they were officers in their unit or not. Most units were represented but, there were

quite a few that were absent. This was a very informational seminar with breakout groups

covering protocol and suggestions on conducting Club and Unit meetings. Many thanks to the

presenters and those who conducted the breakout sessions.

– i have since visited several Club and Unit meetings. I have seen many and some small

attendance from the different clubs and units. We need to get the word out to members who

are not actively attending meetings. What must it take to increase our attendance? Ask

yourselfthis question when your board meets. See if you can use speakers or some form of

entertainment, within reason, to make the meetings fun.

— Upcoming events:

– Stated meeting at the Temple is February the 12”“. Carpool with other nobles and plan on

attending. Social starts at 5pm followed by dinner with the meeting starting at 7pm.

– March 1“ is the dateline for the April — May issue. Let us know what is happening in your clubs

and units.

I hope we can work together and make this a fun and successful year helping kids! if we, myself and the

Divan Officers, can be of any help or assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on us.

Ed Camacho

Potentate, 2016

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