Pote’s Notes (02.05.16 – 02.15.16)

Pote’s Notes (2/5/16 — 2/15/16)
i hope you find this communication helpful as I relate to past events as well as upcoming ones.
Since the last communication, the Divan and I have visited several Clubs and Units. The weather
has been cooperative until recently when snow slowed our travel down. We have been
welcomed by the Clubs and Units, and members are glad to see participation by their Divan
officers. What we need now Nobles, is to increase membership participation in your Clubs and
Units. We will continue these visits throughout the year. We are always happy to visit and see
the Clubs and Units in action and appreciate the fun and fellowship we share.
Several weeks after the seminar, we are seeing Clubs and Units who are struggling with
protocol. Nobles, lean on your senior members, past Officers, and the seminar book to show
you how seating is arranged or what is required when visited by Divan Officers. If you are in
doubt, ask your Ambassador to assist you. Most, if not all, are proficient in areas of Protocol.
Secretaries of Club and Units, we need your support identifying non—paying members. I will
instruct the Divan Officers to compare list of members in arrears with the rosters you have. As
of this date we are looking at 173 members in arrears. Let’s get up to date and get these
members active again!
Upcoming events:
FEB 18: Shelby CO SC, late Valentine Dinner Ladies Night.
FEB 21: Arab Patrol and Scottish Rite Chili Cook-off.
FEB 28: Legion of Honor Pancake and Sausage Breakfast.
Mar 1: Dateline for the April — May issue. Let us know what is happening in your clubs and
Mar 11: Ceremonial in Carlinville. See the last issue of the Ansar for details
Let us continue to work together and make this a fun and successful year helping kids! If myself and the
Divan Officers, can be of any help or assistance, please don’t hesitate to call on us.
Potentate, i016

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