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Good morning Nobles,
We recently concluded this years Imperial Public Relations Seminar down in Tampa and a lot of time was spent on social media. I wanted to send you the highlights to hopefully help you in your Temples social media campaigns.
– Social media is a great tool for our members, but remember social media is usually a non-nobles first glimpse into what is going on in the Shrine. Keep it up to date, keep it relevant and post a lot of pictures! Try to keep all posts relevant to what is happening within your temples and clubs, Imperial and our Hospitals.
– As your temples social media administrator, your are speaking on the behalf of the Potentate, Divan and all Nobles of your temple. Try to avoid using I and Me as much as possible. When posting or responding to posts or messages use We or Us.
-Be as specific as possible. When postings information about fundraisers, meetings and events of your temple, use time and location. You never know when a non member who follows your might be interested in attending one of your events.
– Re-post posts from the Imperial and our Hospitals sites throughout the week.
– Include information and links to our Hospitals and
– Make a back up administrator for all your social media accounts. A lot of social media accounts are lying dormant because the administrator has passed or moved on. Ask that your club and unit webmasters give either your temple webmaster or a designate access to their social media accounts.
– For internal communications, please set up a private group page to use between your members
On behalf of Imperial Sir Gary Bergenske, we thank you for all that you do and your continued hard work in pushing your Temples and Shriner’s International to the next level.
If you have any questions or need anything at all, please reach out.
Thank you
— Rusty Petty Imperial Public Relation Committee- Great Lakes

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